So Where Are We on ObtainingTitles For Collector Cars??

The Department of Motor Vehicles has a regulationfor issuing titles for our collector cars. That regulation has not been updated to reflect the change made to the State Statutes via Public Act 14-130 which changed the requirement that model year 1981 and older vehicles don’t need titles to vehicles 20years old and older don’t need titles.The current DMV regulation has a couple of provisions in it that make it prohibitive to obtain a titlefor our collector cars. We believe these provisions are unnecessary and will be looking to work with DMV to change their regulation. The two main problems we see with the current DMV regulation is that if we don’t have a valid out-of-state title for our collectorcar we will need to post a surety bond for our cars inaccordance with Section 14-176 of the state statutes.The process to post a surety bond is cumbersome,cost-prohibitive, and discourages us from obtaining titles for our vehicles. We feel that this provision should not be necessary if our collector vehicle has been registered in the State of Connecticut for a reasonable period of time (say 3 to 5 years). We would like the need to post a bond to be waived if that is the case. The second provision we have difficulty with is the requirement to submit a sworn statementthat the vehicle has been maintained or restored to a condition that substantially conforms with the original manufacturer’s specification. We believe we should be able to obtain a title for our motor vehicles,regardless of whether they have modifications.I am drafting a letter to the DMV to request them to revise their regulation to make it easier for autohobbyists to obtain titles for their motor vehicles, and offer to discuss the issue with them. While our past efforts have not been successful, it is worthy of further pursuit. I plan to bring a draft of that letter to the DMV to the November Business Meeting to discuss it with the membership.