Minutes of June 4th Meeting:

Minutes of June 4th Meeting:Vice Chairman John Bajumpaa called the meeting toorder at 7:35 P.M. The members in attendance introduced themselves as the first order of business,identifying their affiliation with the 4Cs, whether representing a member club or as individual members. Previous Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept the minutes of the April 2, 2018 meeting as published in the June, 2018 issue of The Voice was seconded and passed. Treasurer’s Report: John Jarush presented his Treasurer’s report, stating the May 31 balances. Additional member donations,over and above those members’ dues obligations,continue to bolster our accounts, putting us in a good position to deal with unexpected legislative challenges to the interests of automobile hobbyists in Connecticut. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made, seconded and accepted as presented. Legislative Report:Dave Bajumpaa’s reported that we had a great year in that the session ended with no bills being passed that would have been detrimental to our car-hobbyist interests. However, Connecticut’s budget issues are still dire and can be expected to dominate future  legislative sessions. Dave noted the fiscal notes for Senate Bill 532 projects increasing deficits for budget years July 1 of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 to be $2.0,$2.5, $3.1 and $3.6 billion, respectively. Also,Connecticut enjoyed a late-season $1.0 billion windfall in the form of increased income tax revenue that was beyond what was expected, which allowed an additional $300 million in current-year spending and an addition to the rainy-day fund, but because this wasattributed to initial adjustments to the Federal taxchanges, so this will not likely be repeated next year. Reflecting on these projections and developments, it is clear the state’s fiscal problems are far from over. There was not enough legislative support for implementing highway tolls, and the various bills addressing them never made it to a vote. So, anyaction to implement tolls will be delayed for at least another year. Reportedly, Themis Klaridis,Republican Minority Leader in the Connecticut House of Representatives, is taking credit for stalling tolls in the State. Dave’s full report appeared in the June, 2018 issue of The Voice.Other Business:Dave Bajumpaa circulated a copy of the proposed ByLaws changes as discussed in previous meetings. Themost significant change was to alter the meeting schedule to eliminate the scheduled January meeting and adding one in May. The complete draft was included in the June 2018 issue of the Voice. The changes were adopted as published by unanimousvote, noting that a quorum was present