June 2018 Legislative Report

Dave Bajumpaa

The 2018 Legislative Session began on February 7,2018 ended on May 9, 2018. No bills adverse to the antique auto hobby were introduced in this session,and the outlook remains positive from the hobby perspective.House Bill 5312 proposed changes recommended by DMV regarding motor vehicle statutes. This is the annual “clean-up” bill. The bill does not contain anything adverse to the hobby. The bill proposed to eliminate the provision contained in Section 14-49 Subsection (aa) of the statutes to refund one-half of the registration fee for any motor vehicle if a person cancels his registration with one year or more remaining on the registration and requests a refund. However, Amendment Schedule A restored this provision. Presumably this would also include the $5 per year “Passport to the Parks” fee. Both the House and Senate have passed this bill as modified bySchedule A became Public Act 18-164 and was signed by the Governor on June 13th.

As reported in the June newsletter, four bills associated with electronic highway tolls were defeated. However, tolls will continue to be discussedin future sessions. As you may have noted, Governor Malloy’s 10 million dollar initiative to direct DOT to study the addition of tolls was approved by the State Bonding Commission on July 25. Projections for future Connecticut budgets show that they will be running very large deficits. The fiscal note for Senate Bill 532 projects deficits for the budget years beginning July 1, 2019, 2020, 2021 and2022 of $2.0, $2.5, $3.1 and $3.6 billion, respectively. So the fiscal problems for the state are far from over and are likely to dominate future legislative sessions.The 2019 State Legislative Session will begin onJanuary 9 and end on June 5. In preparation for this upcoming session, we plan to retain the services of Hughes and Cronin Public Affairs Strategies to monitor legislation related to the antique auto hobby,as we have done in previous sessions. In this monitoring capacity, Hughes and Cronin informs us of the pending legislation. We report to you on any legislation potentially impacting the hobby, and ask you to contact your legislators and help get favorable legislation passed, and unfavorable legislation defeated (i.e., a "grass roots" approach).